Fault Diagnosis: Engine Block

When the crankshaft is considered satisfactory, we start work on the engine block. Naturally, this is first checked visually for cracks or other damage.

The block is then attached to our alignment bench, where we check if the crankshaft and the camshaft are still 100% aligned. If we discover imperfect alignment, this can be repaired in the majority of cases.

The final part of the checking procedure involves checking the engine block for evenness - evenness is very important when the cylinder head is remounted to the engine block. If irregularities are present, this could lead to leaks or some form of compression loss.

In many cases, the engine block must be re-levelled in order to realise 100% evenness.

We possess a specially-designed levelling machine which ensures that a minimum amount of material is lost, while still resulting in perfect alignment.

This specially-designed machine is able handle various engine sizes, which vary from 4 – 6 cylinders to V6-V8-V10-V12 or even V16 engines.

This machine is not only suitable for levelling engines, but it is also able to drill engines cylinder-linings or cut cylinder-lining surfaces.